Junior Glass, founded in 1978 by Antonio Venturini, is one of the leading glass processing companies in Italy. Since 2008, the company changed its name from SPA Glass Junior to Junior Glass 2007 SRL, ensuring in this way a continuity of services.

In 2015, 15’000 glass plates stepped over the threshold of the historic headquarters in Via Mazzini 15, ready to be processed and delivered to the most famous Italian and European forniture companies specialized in bathroom, living and high level design. Junior Glass operates in a continuous cycle, its machinery is working day and night to meet any customer requests. The company settled in Pesaro never sleeps, and keeps alive the flame of competitiveness. Thanks to its production processes and technologies, it has been granted the certification of EEC to ece law.


Junior Glass has been in the field of glass processing for 40 year, led by the passion and experience of the Venturini family. The family runs an advanced machinery equipped facility of 10,000 square meters settled in Marche and heads 90 employees. The personnel is highly qualified and has been together with the company since its foundation. 
50’000 square meters of glass are treated, cut and prepared to accomplish customers’ requests every month. That is the way Junior Glass supplies panes of glass to make up the initial customer’s project.


Junior Glass works glass for all needs. It deals with shower box, furniture (living, kitchens, living rooms), automotiv and design (doors and floors).

Research and Development

Systematic resistance and breakage tests are carried out on toughened glass. In this way we can check the quality standard of the toughening. We send then, a first sample to the customer, who can touch the validity of our test. Junior Glass can help any customer to develop a personal project thanks to the experience of 15 technicians.

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